BS1Your New Normal Part 1

The New Normal: Bible Study 1

Are you on pause?

Normal as we know it, is over. But……. normal is nice. It gives us security and comfort because it’s what we know, but when we face change we often want to return to what was normal (even if it wasn’t a good normal) because we think it’ll make us feel better.  Steve Furlick (pastor of Elevation Church) says “We are not going back to normal. Everything has changed. We’re not in a normal time.”

How does this statement impact you? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

God is doing something new but we don’t know it because we want to get back to normal as we remember it to be. What things have you been longing for to ‘return to normal’ and are they healthy ideals?


You can’t be part of the NEW if you’re sleeping or staying on pause mode waiting for life to return to normal. We need to get off pause mode.

Eph 5:14 “Wake up O sleeper, arise from the dead”

Evaluate yourself by writing down what aspects in your life you may be on pause but you hadn’t realised it yet? And how you can move forward from here?  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Read the following scriptures:

Isa 52:1 What 3 things does the Psalmist urge them to do? How does Rom 13:14 fit into this? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is the call that goes out from the following scriptures and how can you apply them to yourself?

Isa 60:1-2 and Psalm 57:8


Lord, You are sovereign and in control of this changing world. Although people are surprised by all the change, You are not. Help me to place my confidence in You as You start a new thing, help me to wake up to the changes around me and look for what it is that You are doing and step out in confidence embracing all You show me. Lord I commit our ladies into Your perfect plans and purposes You have prepared for them in advance to do, may we hold onto our courage and hope we have in You.