Michelle du Toit – 082 372 7546

Michelle is gloriously married to Adrian with two adult children. She is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, who shares her personal heart treasures on a fabulous blog called: www.hearttreasure.net

Michelle has been involved with Cedars Ministry since inception in 2006, having herself been mentored in Campus Crusade for Christ.  As Leader since 2008, she believes strongly in encouraging and mentoring women in your immediate circle of influence.  She believes that through women you impact the world around them.

Michelle regularly speaks at churches and women’s events, was previously involved in organizing the annual Beauty for Ashes Conference, has been one of Joy Magazine’s Women of Grace writers.  Michelle is passionate about retreats and regularly plans or facilitates retreats to bring about a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.

Dee Harrison – 082 462 6813

Dee is married to Grant, the love of her life and they have 2 energetic young adults in the household. Her love is pouring the Word of God into the lives of women to enrich and encourage them. Dee has been involved with Cedars for well over a decade.  Dee is an excellent practical teacher who endears herself into the hearts of her listeners.  She is also crazy about crafting, especially pewter art!!

Dee is a popular speaker, her simple and down to earth illustrations make her easy to understand and unforgettable.

Brenda Wainwright – 083 256 1262

Brenda is married with 3 teenage children. She is an dedicated musician with a passionate heart for worship. She regularly leads worship and is currently working with Worship SA on Facebook.    Brenda is highly creative both in art and music and is regularly found imparting this knowledge to others, along with her deep love for Jesus. She is a passionate bible based teacher, an amazing prayer warrior with a deep passion for the lost and broken.

Renee van der Walt – 083 628 9314

Renee is married to Deon with 2 children. She has a heart for teenage girls and young women especially.

For many years she has been involved in ministry with young children and adults, particularly ministry at Uitkoms Home for Girls who have either been abandoned or abused.

She is a worship dancer and bible study leader.  She is a highly practical teacher who is passionate about women finding their identity in Christ.

Thora Haefliger – 083 280 1187

Thora is “honorary” leader at the moment.  Although previously involved in the leadership of Cedars, she is not able to commit time as before due to commitments in her own church.  She still however, holds the leaders accountable until she is replaced.  She is married to Craig with two adult children and one grandchild. She works daily in her own business alongside Craig.

She is a keen “hobby-nista” and enjoys the occasional cup of coffee with her girlfriends. Thora’s heart is for a true revelation and outliving of Christian Community among the children of God – loving each other, building each other up, walking along side each other, and pursuing a discipleship relationship towards God and each other. She has a pastoral heart and enjoys studying and teaching the Word of God.