BS1 Are You Running Part 4

Bible Study 1: What is your race?

Mary Hollingsworth tells a story about the noted director of biblical epics, Cecil B. DeMille. When they began working on the movie Ben Hur, DeMille talked to Charlton Heston—the star of the movie—about the all-important chariot race at the end. He decided Heston should actually learn to drive the chariot himself, rather than just using a stunt double.

Heston agreed to take chariot-driving lessons to make the movie as authentic as possible. Learning to drive a chariot with horses four abreast, however, was no small matter. After extensive work and days of practice, Heston returned to the movie set and reported to DeMille. “I think I can drive the chariot all right, Cecil,” said Heston, “but I’m not at all sure I can actually win the race.”    Smiling slightly, DeMille said, “Heston, you just stay in the race, and I’ll make sure you win.”

Just stay in the race my child and I will make sure you win,” are the words of God to every believer, because He has already secured the victory through Jesus’ death and resurrection (1 Cor15:56) and now all believers look to a life with God in eternity (John 3:16) as well as a meaningful victorious life while on earth (John 10:10).”

  1. In the meantime, we are all in a race.  Have you considered your own race?  Every believer has their own personal God-designed race, because God has plans for us as individuals.  There are smaller races, as part of their greater race for God where God wants us to gain victories in specific areas.  Ever considered that God gives you multiple races to run in your overall race for God?  What could they be? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
  2. Read 2 Chron 26:16-21.  King Uziah had a life calling to be king.  Yet here he is taking on the duties of a priest, instead of sticking to his kingship call.  What specific calling, function, responsibility or race are you called to? What race has God designed for you specifically? ______________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What should you consider as you think of your race?

  1. Have you asked God? Prayed about it. (Col 1:9-10; Eph 1:17-18)
  2. Studied the word until you find yourself in the Word?  God uses His Word as His chosen method to reveal Himself to us.  What Word has spoken to your heart, have you discussed your gifts, talents and resources with Him. (2 Tim 3:16, Acts 18:24-28)
  3. What is an inward witness for you, the Spirit confirming the direction you are taking? (1 Cor 2:8-10)
  4. What is a strong desire in you?  We often think that God will give us that which we really do not want to do, but God plants desires in our hearts, confirming our calling (1 Tim 3:1, Ps 37:4)
  5. Vision, what do you see?  God reveals things to you inwardly by His Spirit.  He will show you individually and uniquely the race He has set out for you.   Different people see different things, they have a revelation or a spiritual insight e.g. someone sees the homeless and impoverished and is moved to compassion.  Another sees a need for strategic thinking and steps into leadership.  Not everyone sees what you see, what are you seeing? (Psalm 119:18)
  6. Fruit, when you are in the right race, you will blossom (Num 17:1-8).  You will bear fruit in service. (John 15:8)
  7. Confirmation by spiritual leaders.  Leaders who are building the church of God, who have been given oversight over the body of Christ, whom you submit to, will NOT tell you your race, God will.  But they will confirm what God has already revealed to you. (2 Tim 1:5-7, Acts 9:1-19)

Lord thank you that you have a race just for me.  That I may run this race of faith that You have designed and purposed me for.  Please reveal to me more about what you have called me to, how You would like me to live this life, so that I may run with perseverance and direction, the race you have chosen for me.