About us

Cedars is a women’s group that meets once a month in a safe environment to help you:

  • Cultivate a deeper relationship with God by receiving teaching with personal input
  • Develop friendships by meeting women from different ages and backgrounds
  • Become the best person that you can be by building relationships and learning principles that grow you
  • Become enabled to reach your full potential in Christ by being challenged and further equipped with skills, knowledge and an opportunity to practice.

Is Cedars different to a bible study?

Yes, the goal of a Cedars meeting is mentorship, not just study. To effectively mentor women as described in Titus 2:3-5, we believe it is important not just to teach scripture, but also to train women to practically live according to scripture. Our meetings are aimed at challenging, questioning and encouraging every woman to be all that the Lord has designed her to be, according to her faith, as God has revealed it to her.

What happens on a Friday night?

When we meet on Fridays we typically start with Welcome and Worship. During our first session we may share a testimony, tell you about a ministry of one of the Cedars ladies or give a short teaching on a life discipline. Then we enjoy a meal together – catered for by the Cedars ladies themselves. Our second session, is a teaching on the theme we have chosen for the year, after which we break up into prayer groups to discuss questions related to the theme, fellowship and pray for each other specifically.

We encourage you to partake in all aspects of what Cedars makes available to you in order to optimise the mentorship that is offered. Notes are made available on the evenings theme after each meeting. These can be revised and studied further. We encourage interaction with the other women you have met in Cedars in order to enrich one another’s lives.

Why the emphasis on confidentiality?

Our goal is to create a safe environment in which every woman can share and believe that trust and respect are important. With this in mind, we encourage a signing of a confidentiality agreement as a tool to discourage gossip, or the “passing on of news”. This act is a public commitment to be respectful of privacy, rather than a preventative measure.

How is Cedars financed?

Cedars has its own bank account and ladies freely contribute by making deposits into our account. No formal collection is taken and no charges are levied for the evening.

What denomination is Cedars?

Cedars does not belong to any one church group. Instead it is interdenominational, led by members of different churches who have one common goal. They are held accountable by members from different churches, within and external to Cedars.